2012 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival
Lantern Wonderland Design Competition

Invitation for Entry

The 2012 Hong Kong Mid–Autumn Festival – Lantern Wonderland Design Competition is organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and supported by the Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design (HKAoD), collectively “the Organiser and the Supporting Organisations”).  The Organiser and the Supporting Organisations would like to invite design for lantern to serve as anchor attraction during the 2012 Hong Kong  Mid-Autumn Festival (hereunder “the Festival”) by way of an open competition (hereunder “Competition”).  Participation in the Competition constitutes acceptance and agreement to the rules set out in this invitation.


Among the many traditional Chinese festivals celebrated in this global capital of Chinese festivals, Mid-Autumn Festival has been one of the most important Chinese festivals when families get together to celebrate good harvest by enjoying a big meal and appreciate the full moon.  While local residents enjoy festive food and play with colourful lanterns, overseas visitors often lack the means to participate in this festive celebration.  The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) therefore rallied support from different parties to open up opportunities and lengthen the celebrations for visitors to celebrate the festival like local residents.

As part of our Asia’s World City campaign, the HKTB will organise a “Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival” from 27 September – 2 October 2012, to further promote our traditional festival to our overseas visitors.  In a bid to offer the cream of festive programmes to both local residents and overseas visitors, HKTB will work with Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and further enhance their lantern carnival into an all-in-one mega event at the heart of the city in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.  Lantern Wonderland, a giant lantern will be established at the Park as a centerpiece of this mega event.  This very special element will be created through a design competition, organised by HKTB and supported by HKDA, HKIA and HKAoD.


This Competition is aimed to provide an ideal platform to showcase local creativity, encourage design appreciation by local community and promote Hong Kong through an international language – design.

Lantern Wonderland
-    A giant Lantern for the Festival in support of Hong Kong – Asia’s World City campaign;
-    Showcase the uniqueness of Hong Kong as a world class travel destination; and
-    A signature piece highlighted in the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

Please refer to the Design Brief (Appendix 1) for details of the background and requirements,


The Competition is open to members of Hong Kong Designers Association, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design.  Others may also participate in the Competition in collaboration with the members of the above institutions.  Participants must possess valid Business Registration (for companies) or HK Identity Card (for individuals) and shall be at least 18 years old on the date of submission of the Entry Form (for individuals).

To avoid conflict of interest, all individuals and companies involved in planning, implementation and judging of the Competition are not eligible to enter the Competition.


Each participant can only submit ONE design.

Documents Required on Submission

The following documents must be submitted for the Competition:
-    Entry Form (Appendix 2), duly completed and signed; and
-    Design submitted in accordance with the submission format below.

Design Concept

-    The theme for the design of Lantern Wonderland is Hong Kong – Asia’s World City.
-    Estimated cost for building the Lantern Wonderland based on the design submitted should not exceed HK$2,000,000, professional fees not included.
-    Participants shall take into consideration timing & cost factors, feasibility and practicality of building the designs.
-    Designs must be in compliance with relevant safety rules and regulations (whether in relation to structure, electricity, fire resistant or otherwise) of the Architectural Services Department, Building Department and any other competent authorities as appropriate.

Design Submission Format

The submitted design must be highly adaptable to various functions, occasions, materials and applications.  No indication of the identity of the applicant is allowed, whether on the front or at the back of the design.  All designs become properties of HKTB upon submission and will not be returned.

The following should be included in each entry design:
-    All drawings should be presented in no more than FOUR A3 size papers mounted on cardboards;
-    All cardboards should be numbered at the lower right hand corner on the front;
-    Full color artistic impression including the front, back, top and side views of the lantern(s);
-    A description for the design, in no more than 500 words (Eng & Chi) together with the name of the entry design to be mounted on the back of the cardboard;
-    A plan drawing with indication of all major dimensions for height, length and width and the use of materials.  Technical details for implementation, if any; and
-    An estimated cost of production for the design with simple breakdown.

Judging Criteria

A panel of judges comprising representatives from the HKTB, HKDA, HKIA, HKAoD and relevant parties shall be formed to select the winning entries.  The judging will be done on an anonymous basis, i.e. the identity of the participant will not be known until after the final judging.

Entries shall be judged according to the following criteria:

Creativity, originality & relevance to the theme    35 marks
Practicality (built-ability) and safety compliance    30 marks
Use of environmental friendly materials    10 marks
Cost effectiveness in consideration of budget guideline    15 marks
Judges’ discretion    10 marks

Panel of Judges

Mr James Tien, Chairman of HKTB

Project Advisor
Mr Vincent Ng

Mr Philip Liao, Member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Chairman, Hong Kong Designers Association
Mr Alvin Yip, Board Member, Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design

Selection of Winning Design

One Gold Award winner and three finalists will be chosen amongst all participants.  Selection will be made based on the Judging Criteria above.

The Organiser and the Supporting Organisations will nonetheless have unfettered discretion in their evaluation and recommendations regarding the selection.  The Organiser and the Supporting Organisations reserve the right not to select any lantern design from the submissions and not to use any design so selected in the 2012 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival.  The Organiser’s and the Supporting Organisations’ decisions regarding any and all aspects of the Competition are final and binding on all participants.

If HKTB should decide to use the Gold Award winning design or any of the finalists’ design to build the HKTB lantern(s) for the Festival, the Gold Award winner or the finalist as the case may be (the “Selected Party”) shall provide design intent drawings and technical details for lantern builder tendering process.  The Selected Party shall assist the lantern builder appointed by HKTB to modify the selected design as required for safety and technical compliance sake and as and when reasonably required by the Organiser and the Supporting Organisations.  The Selected Party whose design is so adopted by HKTB will be acknowledged in such manner deemed appropriate by HKTB.

The Selected Party shall be agreeable to act as project manager to manage and supervise the design and build of the selected design, the project management fee for Lantern Wonderland is approximate to HK$100,000 to be confirmed and subject to a mutually agreeable contract.   HKTB will nonetheless have unfettered discretion in the appointment of project manager and the above shall not be deemed to imply commitment or obligation of any kind on HKTB.  If a third party is appointed as project manager, the Selected Party shall nonetheless continue to provide design intent drawings and technical assistance to the project as mentioned above.

Originality of Works

Each submitted design must be original and shall have never been used or published in any media and form.

The Organiser and the Supporting Organisations will have unfettered discretion to disqualify any submitted design if the Organiser and the Supporting Organisations in their reasonable opinion consider that the submitted design is not original and is likely to infringe the intellectual property rights of others.  Any prize awarded to the design may, at the Organiser’s and the Supporting Organisations’ discretion, be forfeited without any liability to the designer thereof or any other person, and be awarded to another design as deemed fit by the Organiser and the Supporting Organisations.

Publicity of Submitted Designs

HKTB has the right to display, exhibit and publish all or any entries of the competition in such media and manner deemed appropriate by HKTB.   Appropriate acknowledgement of the designers will be made as deemed fit by HKTB.  By entering into the Competition, participant of the competition is deemed to have granted HKTB a royalty-free licence granting HKTB the abovementioned right throughout the world in perpetuity for the purpose of the promotion of the Festival or Hong Kong tourism in general.

Ownership of the Gold Award winning design or any Finalists’ design which is selected by HKTB for design and build of the HKTB lantern(s) for the Festival (“Selected Design”)

The Selected Design (including the copyright and other intellectual property rights subsisting in such design) submitted for the Competition shall become the exclusive properties of HKTB upon submission. Designer of the Selected Design is required to execute such documents and take such steps as may be necessary or required by HKTB to assign and transfer unto HKTB the said rights free from any third party claims or encumbrances in perpetuity throughout the world on receiving the award from HKTB.   Sample deed of assignment (Appendix 3) is attached hereto for reference.

Schedule of Competition

3 April 2012            Call for design entry
14 May 2012            Deadline for submission of designs
Late May 2012            Review of entry designs
Mid June 2012            Announcement of winning designs

Prize and Awards

•    Gold Award winner (1) will receive HK$100,000 plus a certificate.
•    Finalist (3) will receive $10,000 plus a certificate.

Submission Procedures

Each design should be submitted together with all required documents in sealed envelope.  All designs and the required documents must arrive at the following address no later than 5pm (Hong Kong time) on 14 May 2012.  The collection office opens from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:45pm (except public holiday).  No entry fee will be required for submitting the design.  Expenses incurred in preparing and delivering the submissions rest solely on the participants.  Late Submissions will not be considered.

Submission for Lantern Wonderland Design Competition should address to:
Competition Secretariat
c/o     Mr Mason Hung
Director – Event and Product Development
Hong Kong Tourism Board
11/F Citicorp Centre
18 Whitfield Road
North Point
Hong Kong


The result of the Competition will be announced in Mid June 2012.  The Organiser and the Supporting Organisations will not notify the participants individually, except the winners.


The Invitation for Entry, Entry Form, Lantern Design Brief are downloadable from HKDA website: www.hongkongda.com, HKIA website: www.hkia.net or HKAoD website: www.ambassadors.org.hkFor enquiries, please contact Hong Kong Designers Association on 2527 3968, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects on 2511 6323 or Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design on 2546 2893 for details.